With the holiday season looming ever closer, it seems a good time to think about the true definition of the word home.  In my mind, when you think of that word and what it really means, it should bring to mind many different memories and emotions.  This is truly why we do what we do….trying to make things function better, look better, be more comfortable and on and on.  Yes, we can love the actual act of doing the projects (heaven knows I do!) but there are deeper reasons for what we do.  We really want friends and family to think back on times spent in our home as special.  This is good….this is what home is all about.

When I think back on my childhood homes, I recall lots of laughter, too many people for the space, fighting over the bathroom, and what appeared at times to be a revolving door!  I am half Greek and half Italian so my parents were always very welcoming to friends and family.  There was no such thing as too many people or too much food!  When I think back on it, I’m very grateful!  What a great environment to grow up in!  It affected me as an adult.  I always wanted my kids and their friends to feel welcome in our home and want to hang out there.  As an empty-nester, I still want that for my adult kids, our friends, their friends, and hopefully future grandkids too!  Certain things from your childhood will definitely stay with you as an adult.

In order to have that happen, your home needs to be functional, comfortable, and enjoyable to be in.  This is really the root of why we do what we do with our home.  This, for me, is what sparks the urge to have a better functioning guest bathroom or a comfortable living room to be in, watch movies in, play games in, and so on.  So, as you move onto your next home improvement project - keep those thoughts in mind.  What are the really important functions of our home?  What can we do to make it better?  What new memories will be created as a result of all of our hard work?

These thoughts are what helped give my business its slogan:  Love where you live.  If you do, then others will too and that’s where all those great memories come from.  So keep doing what you love to do and tackle those home improvement projects with the sense of importance they deserve!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?


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