Many people I’ve met over the years have thought of their home as shelter and not much more. They don't realize the potential of their home—whether a tiny rental or magnificent multi-story—to impact their life in positive and negative ways. I feel strongly about people’s perceptions of their space, and the power of the space itself. I believe the places we live in, and the furnishings we live with, deserve our respect and care. That’s where redesign comes in.

We talk a lot about being green these days. Well, redesign was green before there was green. I've always felt strongly that if you find a piece of used furniture and can revitalize or repurpose it, then you owe it to the piece to follow through. Not only are you going to get something with character that’s more interesting than you’ll find at most furniture stores, you’re also being responsible by not being wasteful.

You’ve got a friend in furniture
We throw away too many things in our society—things with potential life left in them. Does it seem like I treat furniture almost as if it’s human? Guilty.

While I know on an intellectual level that furniture isn’t alive, I would never say that out loud for fear my ottoman would get its feelings hurt. Kidding aside, I do admit to feeling a strong connection with certain pieces of furniture and spaces at different points of my life: the brass bed I had as a child…the sturdy block furniture, intricate mosaic lamps and crib my father made for us when we were young and struggling…the built-in bench and columns I hand-sanded and refinished last year as I helped my friend flip a home to give it new life…and the many pieces and projects in my current home that have been rescued from the trash pile or garage sale.

I’m sure you can think of rooms and furnishings that have meant a great deal to you. It’s almost as if they have a soul…and redesign can mean their rebirth.

The gospel of redesign
We’re on a mission together. Through this website, I hope we can attract some redesign skeptics and convert them into believers by preaching about redesign’s planet-friendly and pocketbook-friendly virtues. I want to help people see the light before they throw away that old lamp.

Redesign brings together a number of powerful components—your concern for the environment, your creativity and imagination, and the satisfaction you’ll get from doing work with your own two hands. Redesign combines these components with one of the most powerful forces in the universe: saving money.

So let the learning and saving begin! Thanks for joining me in building this online community. The Redesign Habit represents a longtime dream of mine. I hope it becomes a place where we can all come together to share…and laugh…and pose questions…and explore solutions. A place where we can express our love for design and figure out the best way to “re” channel it so we can love where we live.

Here’s to good habits—the hardest habits to break.