Storage. Who doesn’t want (or need) more of it? Limited cabinet space in the powder room, tight closet space in the guest room, no room for extra sheets in the master bedroom... the list goes on and on. One of the simplest storage solutions that I’ve come to love is... baskets.

I use baskets for all kinds of storage.  They come in all shapes and sizes. That’s good. They come in a variety of colors. Even better—but it really doesn’t matter because they’re so easy to paint and match to any décor you have. Well, maybe the best thing is how affordable they are. I have baskets all over my house.  As I wrote this blog, I went around my house and took some photos. 


Do you regularly hit flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores? If so, then you know baskets are always there, multitudes of them just waiting to be repurposed and given a new home. Recently, I was browsing through my local thrift shop and this beauty caught my eye. There she was in all of her orangey wickery glory—and priced just right at only $5.00! Who can resist that? I immediately thought, just what I need in my project space to hold extra fabric. So I purchased her and brought her home. Following is her makeover: short, simple, affordable. Since I always have leftover paint lying around from other projects I was ready to go.


  • Figure out what you will be using it for and where it will live in your home.
  • Determine what color scheme it will take to tie the basket into that space and give it new life.
  • Decide if you want it completely covered or if you want some wicker showing through, giving it an older look.
  • Choose which technique will give you the results you want.
  • Dust it off.
  • Paint it using whatever technique you’ve selected.
  • Let it thoroughly dry.
  • Place, fill, enjoy!

I chose to let some of the wicker show through on this particular basket so I just painted it with a brush. If you want solid coverage, you will want to spray paint and do both inside and outside of the basket. You can create a multi-colored effect by brushing on a first color, allowing it to dry, then brushing as many other colors as you choose, one at a time. Get as creative as you like to create your one-of-a-kind look!

If you sew, you could easily craft a cute drawstring liner to go inside the basket. If you don’t, you can probably find a ready-made drawstring laundry bag to go inside your basket.

In just a couple of hours, for the cost of five bucks and change, I now have some much-needed extra storage that perfectly matches my work space décor.

Now, what can you do next to love where you live?