Whether this year marks your first time hosting a holiday meal or your umpteenth time, you may find yourself wishing your dining room looked a little nicer, fresher, or just plain spruced up for the upcoming festivities. In this blog I reveal a multitude of quick and easy ideas to take your dining room transform from every day blah to holiday WOW! You certainly don’t have to do all the things listed below—just incorporate a few of the quick dining room makeover ideas listed below, based on your time and budget, can make a big difference for your holiday get-togethers.  

Dining room

Holiday Season Sizzle - Quick Fixes

  • Dress Your Table:
    Hit the discount stores and invest in a new table runner, placements or tablecloth, and cloth napkins. Don’t worry that everything has to be “matchy-matchy” to work well together. Try thinking outside the box and go for different patterns in similar or complimentary color schemes. Be bold. It’s the holidays!
  • Dish it up:
    While you’re shopping the discount stores, consider purchasing matching serving bowls and platters. Keep them simple and neutral so they can work for any time of year. This will also help keep the cost down.
  • Build a Centerpiece:
    Put together a beautiful, simple centerpiece from dried, silk, or live flowers. Remember to keep the arrangement low profile so it doesn’t cut off anyone’s sight line at the table. If using dried or silk flowers, consider a neutral colored base that you can use for all three upcoming holidays by simply swapping in colorful flowers appropriate for the event.
  • Add Table Statement Pieces:
    Adding some elegant candlesticks and holders to either side of your centerpiece. Very affordable and chic. Don’t forget what a dazzling mood you can create by glow of candlelight.
  • Create DIY Place Cards:
    Make some classy place cards for your guests—it’s an easy, fun and inexpensive project that will make your guests feel extra special. If you kidlets around, put them to work! Let them help so they can feel included in all the preparations. You can achieve a high-class look by incorporating special paper, scrapbooking scissors to create fancy edges, and stamp kits to finish off your one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Longer-Lasting Effects

  • Update your light fixture:
    New light fixtures can be quite affordable—especially if you’re patient and shop well ahead of time for bargains—and they can dramatically enhance the look of your dining space. Plus, installing light fixtures is a fairly easy DIY project—it’s a great skill to pick up.If you’re not DIY-minded, you can probably find a friend or family member to help out, but safety first: never begin electrical projects without first turning off your power completely. To find that one-of-a-kind special lighting, try looking in thrift stores or at garage sales or repurpose store, like the Habitat for Humanity stores. And you shouldn’t rule out the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. They have a decent selection of nice lighting fixtures at affordable prices, too.
  • Slip on some color: 
    You can add extra color and texture to your room by slipping some slipcovers over your dining chairs or simply recovering your seat cushions. This is a great project you can complete in an afternoon that will really add some pizazz and freshen up your space.
  • Go Rugged:
    Consider adding an area rug under your dining set. It can provide an effective way to ground your space and tie everything together. You know where I’m going to suggest you start your shopping journey: visit the discount and second-hand stores first—you may find the look you want and get a great bargain in the process!
  • Paint an accent wall:
    You know you’ve been tempted. Holiday prep time is the perfect time to give it a try. By adding a color to one wall, you can introduce a great deal of visual interest to your room. And because it’s only one wall, it can be done with minimal time, effort and paint. If you’re like me—and I know many of you are—you may already have paint on hand to do this project. Talk about low-cost! Even the stingiest person in your life can’t argue with free!
  • Beautify your windows:
    You could add some beautiful fabric to your windows to really liven up your space, adding color and texture. Even if you already have drapes or other existing window treatments, it can be easy to add some additional fabric and give your dining room that extra special touch.

Hopefully these simple ideas will get your creativity flowing. With so many inexpensive, quick touches you can add, you’ll be celebrating the holidays in style in no time. And if you’re in tight quarters and your dining room either spills into your living room, or is you living room, don’t worry; many of these style suggestions will work just fine.

I hope these ideas will make your home feel festive for the holiday season! Now what will you do next to love where you live?