Greetings, all you holiday elves out there! To theme or not to theme? That’s today’s home décor question—one that sparks varying, sometimes quite strong, opinions. Are you on Team Theme or Team Chillax and Let the Decorating Spirits Move You?

Your feelings may be based on whether your décor includes traditional decorations passed down through family generations. Your treasures may include a remarkable collection of vintage figurines that inhabit your space each year, turning your home into an elaborate, highly coordinated Christmas village. Or you might have a just-as-treasured cluster of completely unmatched homemade paper and clay ornaments your kids made you in grade school that have may be showing signs of age, but they bring back priceless memories that will never fade.

I think we can agree that the holidays are all about gathering together with friends and loved ones to share memories and traditions. And while it’s important to keep certain traditions alive, since new people enter our life, there should always be room for new traditions. After all, if this weren’t true, we wouldn’t have any traditions to begin with.

Okay, enough head and heart talk, let’s get on to the matter at hand. If you don’t have a strong holiday decorating theme already established—or if you feel it’s time to stretch your holiday wings (pun intended)—check out the following holiday decorating themes to bring some new life into your holiday season and perhaps start some great new memories!

Decorated Christmas Table
  • Color-Based Theme:
    This has to be my favorite because I am one of those people who’s really bothered if my holiday decorations don’t match my regular décor. I know, I need help! The great news is holiday decorations have become such big business that you can select about any color theme you like. (Tip: If you're addicted to color changes like me and think you may want to change out your colored decorations frequently, start with a base of neutral colors. A foundation of silvers and/or golds make a beautiful choice and allow you to freshen your color pallet without breaking the ole’ piggy)

    Remember, a little goes a long way with certain colors, so plan your new decorations accordingly. For example, a smattering of electric blue mixed in with your neutrals can create a big impact. If you follow this rule, you can’t go wrong. If you want to take your coordination to the next level, you can purchase wrapping paper and gift bags to tie in with your new color theme!
christmas tree
  • Rustic Theme:
    This one is great because you can find a lot of what you need in your own backyard. Literally. Pine cones, bare branches, even a few branches from your evergreen tree (taken from a not so noticeable spot) can be combined to create a homey, rustic holiday feel. Plentiful garland and a natural wreath could fit in nicely, as well. An elegant, simple centerpiece can be made with plain glass candle holders nestled in evergreen branches or garland. Have a beautiful bare tree branch available? Bring in in, hang it on your wall and decorate sparsely with some of your tree ornaments—just that quick you’ve created a piece of wall décor as well as a conversation piece. When wrapping gifts, why not use plain brown and white paper tied with twine and keep the natural look going!
  • Nature Theme:
    Let’s talk birds here. You’ll find plenty of absolutely beautiful bird ornaments around the holidays—all colors and sizes. You could certainly tie a nature theme with a rustic theme by using a centerpiece made from raffia arranged like a bird’s nest and including some strategically placed bird ornaments. You could also nestle some votive candle jars with tea-light candles in with the birds. Talk about easy, beautiful, and affordable. In craft stores you can find tiny birds you can combine with twine to make unique napkin holders or even place card holders. These little birdies would also look right at home on gifts instead of bows.
  • Beach or Sea Theme:
    Imagine a beautiful tree decorated with all different sizes and shapes of seashells, sand dollars, and other water-related icons. If you don’t live near a coastline, never fear, you can find seashells in any craft store. Your holiday table centerpiece could consist of clear glass jars or vases filled 1/3 with sand, accented by blue candles nestled in each one. Use interesting seashells all around the centerpiece…lovely! You’ve just recreated a serene afternoon at the beach mood on your holiday table. An interesting piece of driftwood in the middle of your cocktail table surrounded by holiday greenery can create a stunning effect.  Feel free to mix your themes—that’s where the fun comes in!

As the song says, Christmas comes just one a year. Think of it as a time to let your creativity shine. Do what moves you! Remember, people make the memories, so why not join together to turn your decorating dreams into reality. Be sure and take lots of pictures of your holiday creations and feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page: We would love to see what you have come up with!

Now, what will you do next to Love where you live?