Happy holidays everyone! Time to get a little crafty for the holidays. Here are three fun and easy indoor holiday decorating ideas that take very little time and very little money! Let’s get right to it…

Card holder

Christmas ornament card display

Getting lots of Christmas cards is great but displaying them all can be hard to do. Problem solved if you have a little wall space to spare (your mantle or the back of a door will work fine, too). By tackling this project you will enjoy your cards throughout the holiday season and add some spice to your holiday décor

Get some medium gauge wire and a wire cutting tool, a hammer and nail, any ornaments you want to string on the wire, plus clothes pins or paperclips to attach cards to the wire (TIP:  these come in all sorts of different colors now so you can probably find a color that looks good with your creation!). Attach your nail to wall or door, cut a piece of wire long enough to fit your display space and make a loop at the top to go over the nail. Start stringing ornaments on the wire any way you like. After you have your first group strung, knot off the wire underneath to keep the ornaments in place. Continue down the length of wire leaving space in between ornament groupings for your cards. You can make this as long or short as you like and hang it vertically or horizontally.

Cost: under $5.



Candle holder

Christmas ornament candle holder

You will need a pillar candleholder, Christmas ornaments you can string on wire and some lightweight wire. Start stringing ornaments on the wire. When you have enough length, start wrapping the wire around the pillar. Start at the top and secure the end of the wire to the top of the candleholder. Continue adding ornaments and wrapping until you reach the bottom of the pillar. Wrap around bottom and twist off the wire to secure it. You’ll have no damage to your candleholder, and you’ll have added some holiday pizazz to an accessory you already had.

Cost: under $5.


ornament bowl

Christmas ornament vase, bowl or basket

This one is soooo easy! Take a clear glass vase, beautiful bowl (doesn’t need to be clear), or a beautiful basket and whatever ornaments you would like to use. Much like how you decorate with Christmas lights, you may choose ornaments that are all one color, many colors, multi-colors, shapes and sizes. Experiment and have fun. Simply fill any of the vessels with the desired ornaments, stand back and admire. Makes a great centerpiece or even a real statement piece if you use a nice, big floor vase (also makes a great gift if you’re headed to someone’s Christmas party!).

Cost: $5 to $25.

Follow some of these simple ideas and soon your home will be filled with spirited holiday décor and your piggy bank will remain full—so you can hit the stores to shop with both feet running! Now, what will you do next to love where you live?

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