Are you in a relationship with someone who always seems to have home improvement on the brain? Does your significant other think that a great way to spend your Friday is ripping off old backsplash in preparation for an updated version? Does your partner either wake you in the middle of the night or before even saying “Good morning” state (with considerable excitement) that they’ve finally figured out how to solve whatever decorating or design dilemma they think you are currently having? If so, then a great DIY gift may be just the thing to make your honey’s heart sing this Christmas morning! I can attest to this personally. Last year, the best gift my hubby gave me was an all-in-one workbench—complete with two sets of clamps, variable height adjustment and extenders to hold bigger items. Oh, how I love that man of mine - he knows me so very well!

Following are some sure-to-please inexpensive gift ideas guaranteed to win you brownie points with your special someone:

  • A personal toolkit (one you can’t use—which means your honey can’t use yours): Have you had a conversation similar to this while working on some fix-it project? You say: “Hey, have you seen my pliers?” Your honey innocently replies, “Oh yeah, maybe they’re in my drawer somewhere. I think I was using them to pull nails out of the wall last month.”

If you notice your favorite tools tend to be lost more than found, maybe it’s time to fix the situation. Major retailers will have great sets on sale for the holidays—everything from a beginner’s toolkit to an advanced kit with enough tools to single-handedly reconstruct the Taj Mahal. Prices will vary, so be sure and check the various retailers and  choose a kit that will best suit your DIYer’s needs.
$20 and up

  • A self-contained workbench:
    I love mine. It’s lightweight so I can move it from garage to yard or anywhere else I may need it. Check out the many kinds available so you get just the right features to make your honey’s home projects hum along. Durability may cost more but should be worth the investment. $50 and up
  • A Dremel tool set:
    Any self-respecting furniture refinisher and lover of wood crafts and similar projects needs to have this tool in his or her arsenal. From removing old grout to sanding in a tight spot, the Dremel will prove its value over and over again. If your loved one already has the Dremel basics, you can never go wrong with more advanced Dremel tips to expand the high-spinning possibilities. $30 to $150
  • Home improvement/decorating gift cards:
    Yes, we DIYers know what we love to do costs mucho money, money, money, so gift cards that allow for guilt-free shopping are always welcome! From the big box stores to your local thrift shops—the possibilities are endless! $20 and up
Isolated power tool in red
Isolated power tool in red
  • Power Tools for smaller hands:
    If your special someone (or the kid in your life) has a tendency to use your power tools and then complain about sore hands, wrists or forearms when the work is done, make it easy on both of you and get some lighter weight helpers. Retailers sell find highly powerful but lighter weight power tools that feel more comfortable in smaller hands. And if they feel more comfortable, they’ll be safer to operate. $20 and up

Tip: Buying a power sander? Don’t forget the sandpaper. If your honey is anything like me, before the rest of the presents are even open, you’ll hear a construction sounds coming from the garage. Trust me, you don’t want to go from Santa to Scrooge because you forgot the proper accessories.

Happy holidays and happy shopping! Now what will you do next to love where you live?