Most of us have overnight guests at some time or another during the holidays. Here are some simple, fun, inexpensive ways to prepare your home for guests and make them feel more at home.

Guest Bedroom

  • Get the bed ready:
    Give your guests a comfy, fresh place to recharge their batteries. Put fresh linen on the bed (even if no one has slept in it. If the sheets have been on there awhile, they will smell musty and not so fresh.
  • Invest in some new pillows:
    Get rid of the old, flat, hand-me-down pillows and replace with some new fluffy, fresh pillows.
  • Make it scent-sational:
    Right before you guests arrive, spritz the bed with some linen freshener. Not only will be the bed smell great later when they hit the hay, but the whole room will smell fresh!
  • Put together a goody basket:
    Make a traveler’s goody basket and include some bottled waters, a local newspaper, a magazine or two, some chocolate or other yummy snack. Also include some of the necessities like a disposable razor, a toothbrush, small toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
  • Mind the outlets:
    Make sure an outlet is easily accessible and be sure and plug in a multi-plug adapter so your guests can charge all their gadgets easily. Don’t forget to leave a note with your Wi-Fi info easily available and any passwords they may need to access other things in your home (i.e., specific cable channels, etc.
  • Prepare some storage:
    Make some closet space available with some empty hangers standing ready.
  • Provide drawers or easy suitcase access:
    If possible have a drawer or two available for non-hanging items. If this isn’t possible, place a bench in the room where they can set their suitcase up off the floor and within easy reach.

Guest Bath

  • So fresh and so clean:
    Give everything a thorough cleaning to make it all fresh.
  • Simple update:
    Change out your shower curtain liner—an inexpensive way to make the showering experience much nicer.
  • Offer essentials:
    Provide a fresh bar soap in the shower and plenty of hand soap on the bathroom counter.
  • Make it easy to find toiletries:
    Set out a pretty basket with small shampoos, conditioners, special soaps, and some lotions, shaving cream, etc.
  • Stock the TP:
    Make sure the toilet paper is stocked and an extra roll is easily accessible.
  • Check for tissues:
    Make sure that a full box of tissue is available.
  • Don't forget the towels:
    Provide plenty of fresh, fluffy towels to make your guests feel pampered.

Also, remember to stock up so you have plenty of coffee, creamer, water, tea, soda, wine, beer, liquor, snacks, etc., and prevent that last minute oh-my-gosh run to the store.

Follow these simple steps and your guests will feel totally and properly welcomed—and probably a little spoiled, too!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?