Countertops help set the tone in your kitchen. So if your countertops have seen better days, how do you choose a replacement that you know will be beautiful and functional?

This will be a two-part blog set and in this first part will be some things for you to think about before you start looking at all the different countertop products.  In part two, there will be a handy-dandy list of those different products along with price ranges for each product.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Begin Countertop Shopping:

  1.  Do you or does someone in your home take cooking seriously?
    If so, choose a countertop material that will stand up to vigorous chopping, dicing and an occasional “oops.”
  2.  Do you have kids (including kid-like adults) incapable of remembering NOT to set a hot pot on the countertop...?
    ...thereby melting it right before your eyes? If so, make sure to ask about the heat tolerance of your new surface so it will remain flawless for years.
  3.   How does your ideal style blend with the rest of your home? 
    Whether you’re going for modern, country, formal, retro—you name it, you can find a countertop to match. 
  4.  How tough are your existing cabinets?
    Granite and concrete countertops require very solid, strong bases. If installing new cabinets isn’t part of your remodel, you may be able to reinforce your existing cabinets so they’re up to the task. Your kitchen vendor and installer should address this issue, but it’s your money so make sure you’re satisfied that this important question has been resolved.
  5. What’s your budget? 
    This is often the most important and most dreaded question of them all!  Many factors are involved here:  How much countertop do you need? Are you mixing surfaces, for instance, one for countertops and another for an island? Are you remodeling primarily for your own needs and pleasure, or are you making the change as an upgrade to help sell your home? Are you looking for a permanent solution or just a bridge to get you past the not-so-attractive existing kitchen situation until you can afford the dazzling kitchen of your dreams? These and other financial considerations should be given thorough consideration before you make such an expensive, potentially long-lasting decision.

By asking yourself the above questions, you will be well on your way to finding just the right countertop for your kitchen. 

In my next blog, I’ll provide an overview of a variety of countertop options.

Now what will you do next to love where you live®?

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