Like your home but feel bored by it? Want to rearrange your space but don’t know where to start? Let’s start at the beginning by taking the mystery out of space planning. Apply the 7 tips below, and you’ll once again love your home and never again settle for boring!

The following supplies are recommended for the best results: good friends, great music, fine wine.

1. Determine your purpose
What will you do in the room—watch movies, work, exercise? Think through the activities you will pursue and allow space to accommodate them comfortably. Err on the side of less stuff and more space.

2. Start with fixed features
You can’t block windows, doors, fireplaces and built-in cabinets, so consider them first and work with the remaining space. HINT: It’s common for people to cram too much stuff where it doesn’t fit well.

3. Establish good sight-lines
“Practice” watching movies, playing games or conversing with guests in your space to make sure you have planned for comfortable distances and interactions.

4. Consider ventilation and temperature
Do you have drafts, hot spots or cold spots during certain seasons? Know your space. Consider whether it would be too cold to place your sofa next to the large window. Don’t allow your big sectional to block air vents. Seasonal adjustments for improved comfort can be a perfect reason to rearrange your room.

5. Plan for plenty of juice
Computers, gaming systems, TVs, and other electronics typically involve outlets, cords, cords, and more cords. Plan ahead to get all the power you need safely and keep ugly cords hidden or at least orderly.

6. Make sound decisions
A room may require quiet zones for meditation or insulation so heavy metal music doesn’t literally rock the house, so plan for acoustics. And perform sound checks before you move that heavy furniture. 

7. Make it interactive
Consider how the people using your space will interact. Will they cuddle or want personal space? As a rule of thumb, allow at least 18 inches between your furniture so you can move freely. If kids are pets are involved, consider all the space they require. Plan ahead so you can live like you mean it!

For more great space planning tips and tools, check out the Redesign Toolkit.

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?