Who doesn’t like to try and be better organized, find easier ways to clean yucky things, and generally just have some time-saving household tips up their sleeve?  Well, as promised, here are the second five of my top ten favorite household tips and tricks.  Ready?  Go!

Tip #6

Use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to easily clean and brighten grout.  Use only the white paste as the colored gel may actually stain your grout and that would sort of defeat the purpose.  Just squeeze some out in your grout lines, let stand for a minute and then scrub with that old toothbrush.  Be sure and wipe with a clean, damp cloth as you go otherwise you will have a different mess to clean up…one made up of dried-on toothpaste and believe me that won’t be fun!

Tip:  If you actually have an old battery-powered toothbrush around, this will really help speed up the whole process and save on scrubbing time.  May be worth the $5.00 investment to pick one up specifically for this purpose just be sure and mark it well and store with other cleaning supplies so someone accidentally use it and get a nasty surprise!

Tip #7

If you are like me and are fairly blind without their glasses or contacts, this tip is for you.  Have you ever put a heaping handful of conditioner on your hair thinking it was the shampoo?  Well no more I say, no more!  Simply take a rubber band and place it around the shampoo bottle.  There, problem solved.  No more squinting in the shower trying to make a guess as to which is shampoo and which is conditioner! Yay!

Tip #8

Did you know that you can use Dawn Dish Soap to clear a greasy clog from your kitchen drain?  Well, you can.  Simply pour ½ cup down your clogged drain, let stand for about a half an hour, and then flush the drain with very hot water for a good five to ten minutes. 

Tip:  If you make it a habit to do this to your drain once a month or so, you can most likely avoid the clog all together! 

Tip #9

Hate cleaning inside of your microwave?  I know I do.  This trick makes the task much easier and you won’t have the smell/taste of a commercial cleaner all over your food the next few times you use the microwave after cleaning.

Simply take a damp, folded hand towel and place inside the microwave, run microwave on high for a minute and the steam that comes from the damp towel will loosen all the grime inside.  Be sure when you remove the towel you use an oven mitt or tongs….it will be hot, hot, hot! Simply wipe clean with paper towels and you are good to go! 

Tip #10

Have scuff marks on your floor?  Here is an easy trick to help remove them.  Take a tennis ball and carefully cut an X in the ball.  Insert a broom or mop handle into the X and rub the tennis ball on scuff marks to help remove them.  You can also use this to remove dried paint or food drips from your floor also but you may need to dampen those areas and let stand for a minute before you scrub.

Okay people…there you have it five more great household tips for a total of ten great tips!  Even if you only learn one you didn’t know before, it will hopefully help you save some time, money, and energy and with the busiest time of the year coming up that could be one of the best gifts you get!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?

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