How important is curb appeal?  Well, I think rather obviously it’s REALLY important.  Why?  Well, first impressions matter with people and they do with your home too.  You want the curb appeal of your home to be such that someone driving by will be enticed enough to want to come in and check out the rest of your home.  Think of it in terms of you going to apply for a new job.  You dress in your best clothes, have your hair just so, makeup on perfectly, and on and on.  Well, this holds true for your home as well.  If you are trying to attract potential buyers to come view your home, you want to put your home’s best foot forward, so to speak! 

Here are five quick and affordable curb appeal ideas that can help you get those potential buyers to pull over and come in and check out the rest of your home!  Ready?  Here we go:

1.       Yard Maintenance:  This one is mostly free, just costs you some time.  Pull weeds, trim hedges and bushes, and make sure the lawn is mowed.   Make sure existing flowers and plants are well watered and dead blooms are cleaned up.  Hoses should be rolled up and put away.  Toys picked up and stored out of sight. 

2.       Mailbox:  How does your look?  Is it old and rusted?  For around $30.00 you can put up a new one and add a nice, fresh detail to the look of your home.

3.       House Numbers:  Are they faded?  Are they located where people can see them.  We have been unable to view a potential home before because we had trouble finding it.  Make sure your house numbers are in good shape and big enough to be visually helpful.

4.       Front Door:  Is your front door welcoming and eye-catching?  If not, a fresh new coat of paint can make all the difference and takes very little time or money.  You want people to see the entry of your home and want to come on in!

5.       Color:  Yes, color applies just as much to the outside of your home as it does to the inside.  Add some instant appeal with seasonal plants and flowers put in pretty pots or planter boxes around the front of your home.  You can also use this to add some appeal to the entry of your home.  If your front door lacks drama try adding two beautiful tall plants on either side to flank your entryway.  Consider planting some affordable seasonal flowers along your walkway leading up to your home.

Your home may be decorated to the nines on the inside but if the outside does match up, you may have trouble getting potential buyers out of their cars to come in.  You want your home to show how much love and attention you have given it and if your curb appeal is lacking greatly, potential buyers may just drive right by thinking that if that is what the outside looks like, the inside can’t be that great.  So for very little monetary investment and about a weekend or less of your time, you can get your curb appeal back up to snuff!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?