Do you ever walk into your bathroom and wish it felt more luxurious? Or maybe the guest bath you’ve been meaning to update somehow lingers the bottom of your home’s “to-do list”? Well, with the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to stop your bathroom procrastination. You know, redesign or get off the pot! Here are some easy and affordable ideas guaranteed to take the blah out of your bathroom and make it feel new again.

Introduce a new shower curtain and liner
This may be an obvious solution, but it's one that can really change the feel of a space and give it a fresh, new style. In older homes, it’s common to have a shower surround with glass doors. Use a tension rod and hang a soft or sassy new shower curtain in front of the doors and POOF! Just like that, your eyesore becomes sore no more. Be sure to check local discount or outlet stores - you may be surprised at how much “ahh” a little money can buy.

Add a new towel set
Adding a set of luxurious towels to your bathroom to help create a spa-like feel. The fluffiness factor also has the advantage of delivering interesting texture—and you’ll find a spectrum of colors that will match any existing color palette. Tie them in with a new shower curtain for a complete decor makeover. Again, check inexpensive stores and be sure to watch for sales—items don’t have to be expensive to look expensive!  

bath 1.jpg

Hang art

Check your storage (family and friends can be another source) for a perfect painting, sculpture or other work of art that could be dusted off and returned to duty. Or... splurge a bit and purchase something new that you love.

TIP:  You may want to add your art before buying anything else so you can pull colors from the artwork to create a unified look and feel.   

bath 3.jpg

Re-purpose accessories: 
If you’re like me, you have a multitude of unused glass vases, jars, bowls or baskets sitting about. If not, never fear, a little money in a thrift store should get the job done. Be creative! Fill a vase with beautiful dried flowers, beads, shells, glass—or even rocks, seedpods or fresh flowers from your own yard. A clear bowl filled with potpourri serves up beauty and aroma at a low cost. Any of these choices will help you create a spot to feel pampered at home.

bath 2.jpg

Add a comfy rug: 
Nothing feels better underfoot than a beautiful soft, plush rug. Placed in front of your vanity, it will be a little piece of heaven, saving your tootsies from the reality of a cold, hard floor early in the morning as you get ready for your day. You can also use it as an opportunity to add color, texture, and a little luxury to your bath. 

I hope these affordable suggestions inspire you to bump your bathroom to the top of your list. Put your decor together, clean your room from top to bottom and you’ll create your own stunning retreat space. No one will know what you spent, and I promise they’ll be impressed.

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?