Working on your fall house cleaning and organizing? Everyone has their favorite tips to keep their house in order. In these next two blogs, I’ll share 10 of my favorites—everything from cleaning grout (yuck!) to organizing that junk drawer we love to hate but can’t seem to live without!

#1: Hang pictures with ease


If you have pictures you’ve been meaning to hang but hate the hassle of getting them hung straight, wait no more. Take the frame and turn it over. Use painter’s tape and stretch it across back of frame mark on the tape where you need your nails or screws to go. Take tape off frame and place on wall where you want to hang the picture. Use a level to adjust your tape as needed. Place your nails or screws in the wall based on your tape. Hang picture!

#2 Fix your shower head don’t replace it


Shower head no longer spraying with full power? Don’t replace it. Simply fill a baggie with white vinegar. Attach around neck of shower head and let soak for a few hours. Remove the baggie and run the shower. The vinegar will eat away hard water deposits and you should be left with a shower head back at "ahh yesss" capacity!

#3 Organize your hard-to-organize stuff


Use empty, clean cans to store all your craft and office supplies. Simply stockpile a collection of cans as you use them. Wash them well and let dry thoroughly. You can paint them to make them look nicer and even apply decals or labels if you like. Various sizes will accommodate about any small tools, paintbrushes, pencils, pens etc. The best thing about this project is that you already have what you need…just add some creativity and a little paint and soon you stuff will be visible, easily accessible, and organized!

#4 Help your drawers do their job


Use a silverware tray and baggies to help keep your kitchen junk drawer neat and organized. The trays are inexpensive and come in different sizes. Choose one that fits your drawer the best and use it to organize pens, pencils, scissors, charger cords etc. You can also use baggies to store loose things like batteries, clothespins, rubber bands and other items. This will help keep them together and you can easily see through the baggies to find what you are looking for.

#5 The key to key sanity


Use paint or nail polish to help keep your keys organized and easy to identify. Simply paint the top portion of the keys in different colors and you are good to go. This way the next time you are standing at your door with your arms full of grocery bags, you will be able to find the right key quickly to get in and set those heavy bags down

These tips can be especially helpful with the holiday season coming up. I always feel that urge to get things in order before company arrives. Will it be things they notice or even see? Probably not, but there’s no reason peace on earth can’t begin with peace of mind.

Be sure read the next blog for five more great tips!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?