Have you ever looked at a room in your home and wondered why it looks blah? Do you despise the cookie-cutter look but don’t know how to un-cookie it? And why doesn’t your room look like the rooms on your favorite home improvement shows? Here are five tips of easy things to introduce to make any space in your home more interesting.


1. Patterns: Let’s say you are choosing a new look for your master bedroom. When you choose your fabrics, whether they are in your bedding, window treatments, or accessories, think of patterns not just colors. Different patterns create interest, and they work together well in a space as long as the colors you are choosing work well together.


2. Colors: Most home improvement stores have paint cards now that will show you not only variations of a particular color but also different color schemes. Search online and you’ll also find great ideas for colors that work well together.  Varying your colors will add immediate interest to any space in your home.


3. Textures: If you feel more comfortable with a simple color scheme, you can add interest by varying your textures. Think soft, shaggy throw rugs, or pillows with raised texture on them. You can even find drapes that have a raised texture to them. All of these will keep the blah away from your new look. Mixing in wood furniture and/or upholstered pieces is another way to vary your textures.

different wood.jpg

4. Wood Tones: Think lighter floors with darker finishes on your furniture. Contrasting some of your wood finishes will definitely help spice things up in your new space. You can even mix painted furniture pieces with one or two pieces that are simply finished wood. There are many different ways to achieve this one. Use your imagination and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the finished look.


5. Lighting: How about adding a floor lamp, table lamp, or a few smaller accent lamps to help vary the mood in your space. If you really want to get creative, consider the shadows your lighting can create. For example, up-lighting a group of floor plants can deliver a spectacular dramatic effect. The shadows become artwork themselves!

These five ideas should help jump start your creativity. To expand your ideas, invite a friend over to walk through your home making suggestions. Then return the favor. Sure, that may force you to clean your house, but that can be a good thing. Or if the friend is close enough, maybe you don’t need to clean at all. Isn’t that partly what friends are for? Now, what will you do next to love where you live?