Tick, tick, tick, tick…. can you hear that?  It’s your holiday clock quickly moving toward the big day.  Are you feeling the decorating crunch?  I know there have certainly been years where I did.  Between school concerts, work parties, friend’s holiday get-togethers, who has time to decorate their own house?!  I know it may seem like that so these next several blogs I post are geared toward getting your house ready for the big day in a quick and affordable manner, of course!

This first blog is all about how to make a beautiful, easy, affordable ornament holiday wreath.  The beauty of this particular project is that you don’t need to spend much money to do it.  Who doesn’t appreciate that at this time of the year?!  Okay, no more talking…let’s get our craft on!

What you will need:

Item One:

Either a wire coat hanger or a length of wire that is roughly that same medium gauge of wire.  TIP:  If your wire is too flimsy it won’t hold its shape.  If it’s too heavy, it is too hard to manipulate and your ornaments probably won’t fit over it.

Item Two:

Roughly 60 to 80 Ball Christmas ornaments.  How many you need depends on the size of wreath you want and the size of ornaments you are using.  TIP:  I used old ornaments that I had stockpiled over the years from changing color schemes.  If you need to buy your ornaments, hit your dollar store and you can get a whole lot more for your money.

Item Three:

A big beautiful bow.  You can either use one that is ready-made that you buy from the store (again your dollar store will have these) or if you have some wide ribbon on-hand, you can just make your own.


Take your wire and bend it into a round shape.  Your circle doesn’t have to be perfect.  You will be able to manipulate it some at the end after you get your ornaments on it so plan to leave about four inches of excess at the top of each side.  If you are using a hanger you will need to untwist the top and then shape your wire into a circle. 

Next take your ornaments and start feeding them onto the wire, coming from both sides.  I used all different sizes and colors so visually I tried to keep it somewhat balanced as I went.  Continue adding ornaments and shaping your wire until you have about 4 inches of wire left at the top.  Now bring your two sides together and twist the wire together to secure the top of the wreath.  (If you are using a hanger, you are basically going to want to twist the top back the way it was after you get all your ornaments on it.)  You will then make a small loop at the top so that you can hang your wreath up. 

TIP:  The several inches of wire you leave at the top also allows your wreath to hang flat to the wall or door.  If it’s too short, you won’t be able to hang it up because it will stick out too far from the wall. If you go to hang it and there isn’t enough wire for it to lie flat, just had a piece onto the top until you get the length you need.

After you hang your wreath, take your beautiful bow and tie it onto the wire at the top and this should cover both the wire and the nail.  TIP:  If you made your own bow, you can use a twist-tie to secure it to the wire.

That’s it!  Ta-dah, you are done and you have a beautiful wreath that took about a half an hour to make and not much money.  Who doesn’t love that?  I’m sure you’ve seen these beauties in the store but really who wants to lay out $40 or $50 for one when you can make it yourself for so much less?

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?


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