Do you hear that ticking?  What is that?!  I hear it!  It’s the clock ticking its way through your time to prepare for you holiday celebrations!  Well, don’t worry.  I’m here with another quick, super easy, super affordable holiday décor idea.  It costs next to nothing to make so you can do multiple and use it to decorate your holiday table, entryway table, or just about anything where you want to add a little holiday spirit but find you are running out of time, and if you are like me, money.  Okay…here we go!

What you will need:

Coffee filters.  (the kind that fit in a basket coffee maker, not the cone kind) The amount will depend on how big you want your tree to be.

Styrofoam cone.  Available at any craft store but I found mine at the dollar store and they were actually two for a dollar.  Can’t beat that!

Glue.  I used plain old Elmer’s.  You could use a glue gun but if it gets too hot, you may ruin your tree.

Decorations for your finished tree.  I used some little, tiny beads I had on-hand already, along with some ribbon I had.  You can use beads or very small tree ornaments, whatever you would like.  Get creative.


Take a small stack of coffee filters and cut holes in the center.  Slide the filters down over the cone.  How big you make your hole depends on how big the part of the cone you are covering is.  If you have a pretty large cone, you may have to cut the circle out of your cone and then split the filter ring so that you can wrap it around the cone and glue it and then layer the next one on. 

TIP:  The cone I had was rather small so I simply glued my cone onto an empty ribbon spool to give it some height.

As you get to the top of your tree you will use the same process.  Cut the center out of the filter and cut through the remaining ring so you can wrap it around the cone and glue it.  Keep layering until you get to the top.  I made a very small piece to glue on the top to give somewhat of a point to the top of the tree.  You don’t have to do that depending on what kind of topper you want to put on it.

Once you have all your filters glued to the cone, shape your tree by gently pulling sideways on the filters until you get the shape you like.

Now, decorate it…I took little beads I had on hand and simply glued them on and then added the topper to the tree.  My topper is just ribbon and an old decoration I had on hand and I wired them together and then unbent a large paper clip and pushed one end into the top of the tree and bent the other end to and ran it through my decoration to hold it in place.

That’s it!  You’re all done.  Super easy, super fun, super inexpensive…as promised!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?


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