It’s me again, back with another quick decorating idea to help you get your home holiday-ready this year!  This one is a goody and again, you don’t need a lot of time, energy, or money to make them. Ready? Set! Craft!

What You Will Need:

Item one:

A cone shape made from Styrofoam.  These are available in almost every craft section or store out there.  The size you choose depends on the size of tree you want.  Remember once you add everything to it, it will be a few inches bigger all the way around.


Item two:

A section of garland.  I used some that I had on-hand from a fireplace mantle that we used to have in another home so I didn’t even have to buy any!  If you do…check your dollar store to get the best deal. Tip:  Make sure your garland has wire in it.

Item three:

Cute little ornaments.  I used extras that I had stockpiled over the years but you certainly can buy a set of them if you need to.

Item four:

Ribbon to make a bow for the top, or a ready-made bow that will fit your tree size.


Take your strand of garland and cut a section that is just slightly bigger than the circumference of the bottom of your tree and wrap it around.  Secure the garland by twisting two of the little ends together. Continue with sections moving up your cone until you have completely covered it with the garland.

Now shape your garland by pulling the ends out and filling in gaps on your tree.  If you have a spot or two that doesn’t cover, just cut a small piece of garland and fill in those areas.  As you shape, you are basically doing what you do to shape a big artificial tree.

Now for the fun part…decorate it!  You can use about anything you want from little bows or flowers to small ornaments.  You can even put some small tinsel on it if you want to.  Finally put your topper on.  I just used a bow but you can do whatever moves you!  Tip:  If you really want to go all out, they sell small light sets that are battery operated.

Okay, idea two…. done and done!  These little trees would look great as a centerpiece on your holiday table or on your entryway table or even your coffee table (that is if you don’t have a ginormous dog who will probably knock it over with his giant tail!) 

Safety Tip:  Everything on this little tree is miniature so if you have little ones in your house, keep that in mind when you are placing them so they don’t accidentally get ahold of something they could choke on!

If you missed the first blog on the easy ornament wreath, you can check it out here! 

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?


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