Okay, if you have been with me for a while, you know the story of our front yard makeover. Two weekends, long hours, little money (thankfully!) and big changes!  Loved the way that project went.  However, as with most projects, one will almost always lead to another and another and another….

In this case, we loved the way the stain changed the look of the patio up front so we decided to do the same with the pavers on the patio in the backyard.  Luckily for us, it wasn’t the whole patio, just an accent square in the middle of the patio that measured about 8’x12’ or so.  Using stain we had left over from a project last summer, we went to work staining and sealing that accent part on our back patio.  Turned out great...looks great!

Next up, the flower bed in the middle of the other side of our patio.  It’s very hard to grow things in here.  It gets too hot, too much sun, etc.  I never had good luck.  So I decided to plant some sun-loving flowers and use mulch to see if that helps.  Time will tell.  Remember, I already confessed to having two “black thumbs”!  

As we looked out on our backyard, which is planted full of  beautiful, big flowering trees, bougainvillea, and various other things.  We took stock of what needed to be trimmed back (it was a lot by the way!) and what needed replacing, or fixing, or paint touched up, etc.  

The really good thing about projects like these is that mostly the cost is nominal and what it takes is time and some energy.  It is really good exercise though so that always makes me feel good when I’m dog-tired at the end of a day full of tree trimming, raking, and touching up the paint on the privacy fence.

As we stood back and looked at all we had accomplished, we were ready to think about some final touches for the backyard.  Nothing too pricey but just something to help finish things off.  We decided to go for some more mulch to put around the bases of our palm trees.  That was big impact  and it only cost us about $10.00.  It looks nice and hopefully will help retain some moisture for our trees this summer.  Next up, we decided to buy one more set of yard lights and use those in addition to the old lights that we had moved from the front yard.  It does really add something at night when they light up the border of your yard.  We got our set at the Home Depot for $17.00 for a set of six lights.  The final accent came from pots and some garden ornaments that we already had.  (Don’t forget your local dollar store when you are looking for cute little plaster garden ornaments).  I found a bunch and for a buck apiece, you just can’t go wrong!  I then went into my trusty supply of paint I always have on hand and repainted some flower pots.  Ta-dah!  Nice, updated backyard for very little money.  Total spent:  Less than $40.00.  

In all honesty, the thing we did that made the biggest impact on your backyard space was weeding and trimming.  It was a lot of work and it was messy but it really changed how the backyard looked.  The other little projects were just icing on the cake!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?