Well, I did it… I went and put all my years of experience together in one place!

That place is a book. Yes, I’ve actually written a book that contains all sorts of useful advice for the home decorator! This book has been years (and I do mean years) in the making.  There are over 150 pages of information, design questionnaires and comprehensive worksheets that’ll help you plan your next design project (and will help keep you organized!). There are also over 300 beautiful photos to inspire you.  


The Redesign Toolkit
Digital Edition


Prefer an eBook? The digital version is now available for sale exclusively on Amazon. Click here to order your digital copy.

Includes access to a download with all the worksheets available in the printed version.



The Redesign Toolkit - Complete
Full Toolkit
Standard - $99  ---  Premium - $129

If you have any family members who recently moved into a new home or if you know someone that loves home improvement projects or interior design – check out the full kit. It’s available in a standard edition as well as a premium edition in our web store. If you want to learn more about what’s in the kit, check out our brief demo video.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to help people who want to decorate their homes but feel intimidated, don’t know where to start or get a little disorganized throughout the process. Well, this book is my way of doing just that and is designed to organize, motivate, teach and have lots of fun along the way! I have always loved to help people decorate their homes and teach them a little something in the process.

So, if you have projects you have been putting off be sure to snag your copy… it may be just what you need to get you back on track and to help you love where you live! As an added bonus, you can use promo code FREESHIP for free shipping on any item you purchase through our web store.

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