Do you have a patio, deck, porch, or balcony?  Are you wanting to spruce it up but are unsure of how to start?  In this blog, I will give you five things to consider as you are planning your outdoor space.  

When we think of designing outdoor spaces, it can seem intimidating.  Maybe even more so for those of us who think outdoor decorating requires a landscaper or a professional to get a good look.  But in reality, it isn’t all that different than putting together an indoor space.  Actually, I find it to be a little more forgiving.  I always feel like outdoor spaces are the place to maybe use decor ideas or colors that you might be afraid to try inside your home.  Here are five things to think about when planning an outdoor space.

1.     Is the space you are decorating attached to your home?  Why does this matter?  Well if     it’s attached, you may want to consider the color of your home when choosing your color scheme.   Do you have to do this?  Nope!  But just like inside, you may want the space outside to feel like it has good flow and good flow means that it ties in with what is surrounding it.

2.    Do you have a big privacy fence?  Again this ties in with your color scheme.  If your fence is neutral, you are good to go with about any color scheme you wish.  If, however, it’s a particular color, like redwood, you may want to consider that color when you are putting together your decorating plan.

3.    What is the flooring of your outdoor space?  Concrete?  Pavers?  Wood planks?  Do you want this to tie into your color scheme?  Do you maybe want to add an outdoor area rug that ties your color scheme together and grounds your space?  

4.    What type of furniture do you want or have?  Does it have cushions?  Are they colors you love or something you would want to recover or replace so that it ties in with your other color ideas?

5.    What kinds of accessories do you have/want?  Do you have a bunch of cute little flower pots that you can either use for your color inspiration or maybe spray paint to help them tie your plan together?  Do you have a table where you use an outdoor umbrella or maybe you want to attach an awning or shade fabric to your home to not only provide relief from the sun but to add some color or drama to your space?  What about lighting?  Strings of lights look amazing strung from your surrounding trees or off the eaves of your house.  How about some yard lights that line the pathway up to the stairs of your space?  All of these things add drama and sense of completion to your outdoor space. 

6.    What kind of feel do your want your space to have?  Finally, just like indoors, you can use candles, and throw pillows (with outdoor fabric) to add some color to your space.

As you can see from my list, planning your outdoor space is much like planning an indoor space.  You want to start with the big things and their colors.  It’s important to decide if you can work with those colors or want to change things up a bit.  Once you have the big things in place, just like inside, use the accessories to help you tie your look together and make it feel finished.  Also keep in mind that with accessories, sometimes less is more.  Remember that you automatically have quite a bit of color outside from plants, grass, flowers, your home, your flooring, your furniture, etc.  So be sure and consider the whole package when you are adding your finishing touches to your outdoor space!  

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?