Understanding styles and developing your own sense of style begins with knowledge. In my last blog I provided an overview of some common and most-loved styles. In this blog we continue that process. Please return your seats, class is in session.

Continuing, in no particular order… 

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Modern: If you are drawn to sleek, clean lines and no clutter whatsoever, then modern may be the style for you. Think of modern as a cousin to art deco (see previous blog). Where art deco is playful and retro, modern is upscale and sophisticated. Modern embraces functionality without frills or ornamentation. Black and white themes are common with chrome finishes and a pop of color to add panache.

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Mediterranean/Spanish: Inspired by nature, this style creates a warm and welcoming environment. Distressed wood, stone, and wrought iron are common. These textures seem to have stories to tell about how they have been passed down from one generation to the next. Colors, deep and warm, often feature reds and oranges. Hand-crafted accessories add authenticity, often expressed with brightly painted vases, rag rugs, brightly colored, textured toss pillows and throws.

style southwestern dreamstime_xl_11796590.jpg

Southwestern: Also inspired by nature, southwestern style has withstood the test of time. Plaster walls and clay tile floors create a strong visual statement. The color palette is grounded in desert artifacts: gorgeous pink, orange and yellow sunsets and purple, green, red, and corals representing flowering desert flora. Warm worn leather and mission-style furnishings help complete this look.


Urban: What do you get when you cross modern, contemporary, and industrial looks? Urban is correct.  Think cabinets with clean lines. No clutter.  Rustic metal baskets, shelving, and lighting to add urban flair. Earth-tone color choices help round out this hip style. Urban and styling do not mesh. When you go urban, you’re stylin’ all the way!


Traditional: This style may be less popular in recent years but still holds its place in the hearts of many. Traditional style features layered window treatments in solid colors and overstuffed, comfortable furnishings. Comfort is key. Fabrics are often suede, leather, or soft wool. Browns and grays dominate, often with an accent color or two. Like many of these styles, traditional blends well with other styles and is highly adaptable to help the homeowner create a cohesive design.

Understanding basic styles is a good first step in exploring which style makes you most happy and feeling at home. When it comes to style, there are no wrong answers. Don’t be afraid to bring elements together from different styles to create a space that is uniquely you. Beyond providing shelter, isn’t that what a home is all about? Now, what will you do next to love where you live?