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You have a home. You have a weekend. What you don’t have is money for a home makeover. That may be a challenge for some, but you’re reading The Absolutely Free One-Weekend Home Makeover. You’ll learn five easy steps to transform your home into a space that inspires you the moment you walk through that door—without spending a dime.

The secret is to apply the magic of redesign. Millions of people use redesign to reuse, repurpose and reimagine their way to beautiful spaces. You can learn more by visiting and, but the best way to learn is by doing. So let’s get started!

1. Scout your storage
Do you know what furniture, art and accessories you have in storage? Most people don’t really know until they check. Take time to discover what items you may want to spend time with again.

2. Go room swapping
Travel through your home imagining how your wall hangings, accessories, lights, rugs, and other items may find new life in a different setting. Try things. Be creative! If you don’t like it, put it back.

3. Trade with others
Your family and friends are just as bored with their stuff as you are with yours. Help each other out. Schedule time to tour and trade! You might want to include wine and cheese. Y’know...for inspiration. 

4. Make the shift
If your rooms are feeling tired, rearrange your furniture. Invent new ways to break up your space. Create new conversation areas. Find a new focal point. Or simply reverse what you’ve grown used to (sick of) and infuse your atmosphere with a new look and fresh energy.

5. Color your world
Find that extra paint you have in storage. Choose a color that would complement an existing room's color. Select a wall that speaks to you and paint it. Boom! You've created an accent wall. If you don’t have extra paint, check with friends and invite them for a painting party. They bring the paint. You supply the brushes—and the wine and cheese.

Bonus tip!
While you're transforming your home, take time to clean those nooks and crannies that seldom get cleaned. You'll love the fresh scent and those spotless views—no matter where you look.

You should now understand that lack of funds is no excuse for a home that makes you feel blah. Select a weekend, create a plan, and get busy! You’ll be surprised how you can revive your home using only your mind and your muscle, not your money.

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