Three years ago, I had a dream of building my own design business. 
It’s a dream I’ve had my whole adult life, and it took quite some time to get to a point where I could really pursue my passion. But now, it’s happening - and it’s amazing! I am very lucky to have family and friends working with me to help it all come to fruition.  

The philosophy of my business is centered around the idea of redesign. Redesign is a way to redecorate using repurposed/recycled items that you might find in other rooms of your house, in the garage, at a thrift store, or at a garage sale.  The whole premise behind redesign is that there are a lot of really neat items out there waiting to be repurposed, and redesign provides a great way to redecorate and be friendly to the environment (and your wallet...) at the same time.  When you think of redesign, think green design!

Now that we've got all the major components in place for success (a beautiful website, functional business systems, a product prototype, etc.) we decided it was time to build a Kickstarter campaign to help raise awareness of and funds for my up-and-coming business.

             Help us reach our fundraising goal by backing our project or sharing with friends!

             Help us reach our fundraising goal by backing our project or sharing with friends!

Our fundraising goals are two-fold: 

  1. is one of the main components of my business. I wanted to create a space where we can all learn and share with and from each other. To do so, we need more amazing people like you to become aware of the business and help build out our online community - so some of the funds raised will be used to help us do just that. 
  2. The Redesign Toolkit is another major component to my business.  In the kit, you will find everything you need to help you redesign a room, or even your whole house!  It’s full of great tips, advice, budget and planning guides and worksheets and creative ideas on how to use redesign to save money on your decorating projects. Some of our Kickstarter funds will help us pay for kit production. 

If you love all things decorating and DIY and have an eye for repurposing and reusing old items, pretty please check out our story and share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family and help me make my dream come true.

My redesign team and I appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?

Have design questions for me? Submit them here - or visit our forum to chat with other design and DIY enthusiasts!