You may have seen my previous blog that provides tips on how to select accessories that are beautiful AND functional (if not, you can read it here). In this this blog, I’ll share 5 tips (plus some bonus tips) to help you put all your accessories together to create a space you’ll love.

1. Limit your use of accent colors:
If you’re using accessories to help bring in an accent color, remember less is more. An accent color will tend to make a bigger statement revealed by a few select items scattered throughout your space that draw your eye. Limiting your accent color will also help create a balanced, pleasing look that invites your eyes to move gently around the space.

2. Don’t go overboard:
Avoid the cluttered look. By limiting the amount of items to choose to display, you make each one stand out. If you try to fill every available surface, your items tend to be overwhelming and lose their individuality.

TIP: If you have a large collection of something and want to display it as a group, consider using a curio cabinet to feature your entire collection (check the thrift stores to save money and save an older furnishing). Your collection will come to life as a large grouping rather than as items scattered around a room.

TIP: While there’s no formula for the number of items you should display, a good rule of thumb is to allow four feet or so between items or groupings of items. If your space feels cluttered, it probably is. When you’re done accessorizing, evaluate your space by standing in various locations and performing a clutter gut-check.

3.  Keep it odd:
For some reason, people tend to prefer viewing items grouped in odd numbers (5 candles rather than 4, etc.). My theory is that our brains prefer to have a middle object to focus on rather than a space. But the bottom line is it’s your home. If you prefer even-numbered groupings, do what feels right to you…even if it’s a little odd.

4.  Choose variety:
Variation creates interest, so introduce items with varying heights. Remember, it’s pleasing when our eyes are drawn to move gently up and down in a space and varying your heights will ensure that happens and support good flow and balance.

5. Match your sense of balance:
Do you prefer symmetry or asymmetry? It’s an important question, and there’s no right or wrong—it’s just a personality preference. Typically, I’m wired symmetrically. I like and need balance in my visual space or it drives me crazy. If I plan an asymmetrical grouping (prompted by my hubby’s love of asymmetry), my compromise is to adjust so the overall space feels balanced—otherwise I would NOT be fun to live with!

Final tip: Above all else, make your space personal. Add accessories that reflect who you and your family are. Incorporate items that fill your heart with happiness—nothing will make your room more special.

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?


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