For a lot of us, changing seasons means, I want a change in my surroundings.  What’s the best way to get that change?  Well, there are two really.  The first one is paint!  Yes, paint your way to a fresh interior.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, paint is the biggest bang for your buck!  If you’re itching for a change, the first thing you will want to determine is what color do I feel like?  Well after doing my research, and by that, I mean reading all my favorite magazines, I can tell you with some certainty, what colors are popular right now. 


Photo by Nathan Fertig on Upsplash

First up, the neutrals.  Gray is by far the favorite right now in the neutral arena.  All shades, from dark charcoal to light, soft, silvery grays.  Whites are also popular right now.  Remember there are lots of shades of white, from warm creamy whites to light, bright white whites.  If you are looking for something that perhaps feels a bit warmer, taupe and camel shades may be more to your taste.  Pair any of these with your favorite accent color and boom, there’s your interior update!  Remember too that fall is a great time to paint.  The weather has cooled off for most of us so now is a more comfortable time to tackle a paint job.

If you don’t feel like dragging out the drop cloths and paintbrushes right now, consider changing your accent colors.  Here is what I’ve seen as trending colors currently. 



Photo by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash

Navy is very popular right now and different shades of teal and turquoise are still making quite a show.  There are also a lot of greens, ranging from soft sage greens to more intense blue-greens.  Maybe you don’t like to follow the trends, I don’t particularly do this myself in my own home but if you have a good base palette of your main color, it’s easy to change out your accent colors.  I am a big believer in keeping that base neutral so that changing out the color scheme really is just a matter of changing out some accent pieces.  New throw pillows, candles, and a few vases can give your space a whole new look and feel.

If you do feel that it’s time to change it all up, think about mixing your neutrals.  Pairing taupe with gray is beautiful and adds a little more interest than just one neutral may give you.  You can do this with most neutral colors and it’s a sure way to give your space a real custom look and feel.


Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

Finally, how you handle your accent colors can make a big difference in how your space looks and feels.  Try to think balance when you put in your accent colors.  Where you place them and how much accent color you use in your space.  One way to do it is to evenly place the accents around your space and this will help your eye travel throughout the entire space and take everything in. 

Another way to go is to place a grouping of items in your accent color in one spot and this will really draw attention to your grouping as well as the place you have located them.  For instance, if you have a beautiful fireplace that you really want to be the focal point in your room, place a grouping of accent items on the mantel and you will instantly draw attention to that great feature as well as to your grouping.

Hopefully, this helps you make the decision to take the plunge and change up your colors to celebrate the change of seasons!  For me personally, there is no wrong time to change up your colors!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?