You're invited to help us build a community of redesign enthusiasts. All you need is an understanding that your home’s visual environment impacts your life, and the willingness to connect with other like-minded design enthusiasts. We're always looking for new, creative and inexpensive ways to love where you live®.

If you dream of transforming your home’s interior, love learning new DIY ideas and performing the work yourself, and want to use redesign concepts — eco-friendly interior design and decorating that saves money and helps the environment — then you're in the right place.

Spend some time with us and help us make our healthy addiction to inexpensive home design valuable, vibrant and fun!


Regardless of your level of confidence or experience, when you're here you're among friends. We're independent and collaborative. We prefer to learn from each other and do for ourselves. And we rely on redesign to help us transform our living space without spending a fortune doing it.

Some of the people you'll meet...

but eager: 

These people would love to fix up their home — but don’t have the slightest idea where to begin the process. They’re here to learn.

Style-Minded but Inexperienced:

These people have a strong sense of style but are challenged by applying their ideas to the large canvas of an interior living space.

But Seeking:

These pros have lots of knowledge to share — they’re here for the community, and to get new ideas and learn better ways of working.