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Meet Michele

Like many of you, for most of my life I have pursued home improvement and design and decorating projects, relying on creativity and ingenuity to make up for tight budgets — and learning from mistakes as much as from successes. My design inspiration and ideas have come from college courses, TV shows, books, magazines, and ideas shared with friends.

In my 20s, I was fortunate to attend one of the nation’s top interior design schools, Design Institute of San Diego. Through this experience I fell even deeper in love with design. However, a series of “life happens” events put my formal design education on hold until recent years, when I became certified as an International Color Consulting Professional (ICCP) and an International Staging & Redesign Professional (ISRP).

A Healthy Addiction

Enhancing my home’s interior has always felt more like a healthy addiction than a hobby to me (although my husband has questioned the “healthy” part, like when I asked for help repainting our family room for the seventh time). As a daughter of a working-class couple — a carpenter who built furniture on sight, not plans, and a mother who rearranged our living room furniture every few months as Dean Martin crooned through the stereo — my interest in home interiors is probably equal parts nature and nurture.

Space Matters

I feel fortunate at this point in my life to launch The Redesign Habit™. This business represents a longtime dream of mine to help people transform their homes into spaces they love. It’s unfortunate more people don’t realize how much their home’s visual environment can affect their life — and how budget-friendly it can be to love where you live®.

You can transform your space inexpensively by using the planet-friendly concepts of redesign — reusing and repurposing items whenever possible. And I would be honored to help you pursue your next DIY ideas. If you’ve ever flipped a house, stripped and refinished a chair, salvaged a lamp from a garage sale or stopped yourself from throwing something away because you knew it could be given new life instead of contributing to overflowing landfills, then you believe in green interior design and decorating — so you already believe in redesign.

It's All About Us

The Redesign Habit is all about you — and us — and the community we build together. I have ideas and experience to share, but I want to learn just as much from you, and I sincerely hope this venture brings about collaboration and friendships among people who share a passion for redesign.

Our passion may be considered an addiction, but that’s okay. We’ll be our own support group. My name is Michele. Thanks for joining me. Let's make it a habit!