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This fun read gives mom everything she needs to successfully plan and execute budget-friendly home improvement projects. The info-packed book teaches readers about color, lighting, space planning, materials and more. To make it fun, there's also a healthy dose of humor along the way. 

Written by Michele Schweppe, an interior redesign and international staging expert, this book is the last interior design guide mom will ever need. Detailed design explanations, budget and style guides, space planning tools, money-saving tips and a master plan will have the lady in your life tackling future home projects with confidence, ease and a budget-friendly mindset.

One of our readers said, "I AM LOVING YOUR BOOK! I'm halfway through reading it and I haven't skipped a single word. I love the worksheets you provide at the end of every chapter, the pretty graphics and your sense of humor. Oh, and of course, all the valuable information!"  

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