Like many of you, for most of my life I have pursued home improvement and design and decorating projects, relying on creativity and ingenuity to make up for tight budgets. Over the years I've learned that saving money helps save the planet. Essentially, redesign means eco-friendly interior design and decorating.

Using the principles of redesign, you can create a home you love without spending a lot of money. If you like getting more for less, finding that low-cost lamp or table and making it a gem, and designing on a budget so you can change your space more often, then The Redesign Habit is the place for you.

Redesign is exciting, fun and rewarding. Get comfortable and spend some time looking around the site. Don't forget to share your stories, ask questions and come back often.


Redesign combines a lot of terrific “re” words: reuse, repurpose, recycle, reinvest, recover, refinish, repair, and one of my favorites: reimagine.
— Michele Schweppe
Founder, ICCP, ISRP
The Redesign Habit