Redesign Toolkit - Premium


Redesign Toolkit - Premium


The Redesign Toolkit gives you everything you need to love whee you live™ —tools, tips, know-how, plus some fun extras along the way. This premium version includes items to make your redesign projects more valuable and enjoyable. Full description below.

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Kit Includes:

Premium Items

  • Extra-large Premium Tote (20.5” x 17”) —
    with exterior and interior pockets to keep your Toolkit items, samples, drink bottles, etc., together and transportable — and you’ll find dozens of additional uses for the tote in between redesign projects
  • Color Wheel —
    easily fits inside your binder pocket or tote for reference as you plan and shop
  • Handy Notebook —
    to keep all your notes in one place, made from recycled materials
  • Insulated Hot-and-Cold Drink Mug —
    for redesigning on the go — the twisting cap with slide-lock, and rubber bottom help prevent spills
  • Keychain —
    great for paint lid tools, spare keys, etc.

Standard Items

  • Ultra-Durable Binder —
    with tough rubber spine and edges, and inside pockets
  • Small Clear Pouch —
    to keep small supplies, swatches, samples
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Wet-Erase Marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large Clear Pouch —
    to keep larger swatches, samples

Full-color pages:

  • Introductory Letter
  • Get Started Guide
  • Room Evaluation
  • Budget Guide
  • Style Guide & Worksheet
  • Color Guide & Worksheet
  • Wall Treatments & Worksheet
  • Flooring & Worksheet
  • Window Treatments & Worksheet
  • Furniture & Worksheet
  • Space Planning Guide
  • Lighting & Worksheet
  • Accessories & Worksheet
  • Budget Guide
  • Redesign Master Plan 
    your project blueprint

Additional Items

  • Separate “Steps” Guide —
    to help you stay on track
  • Space Planning Grid —
    laminated, for use with wet erase marker and furniture cutouts
  • Furniture Cutouts (12 pages)
  • Tape Measure (25 ft.)