Today we're highlighting a blog post written by The Interior Frugalista, a fantastic DIY blogger with great ideas. She was kind enough to use my book on her last redesign project and share the outcome in her latest blog.  If you don't already follow her, check out her website and blog. On to the project!

The Interior Frugalista had a major laundry room dilemma on her hands that she knew had to be solved in order to make the room both practical to work in and pleasant to be in. Armed with just $500 and The Redesign Toolkit, she set out to completely transform her not-so-functional space into a beautiful laundry oasis.

In this case, the Interior Frugalista wasn't just tackling a regular room makeover. She had actually attempted to update the space once before but was still running into some challenges, so she decided it was time for a REmakeover. 

 Most notably, she didn't have enough counter space, the upper cabinets in the room were inaccessible, it was difficult to get to the sink and her upright freezer took up a huge portion of the room, making it hard to navigate. To help her out, I offered her a copy of The Redesign Toolkit to guide her through the process of combining form and function to solve her laundry room woes. 

The main issues she set out to fix are shown in the Makeover #1 portion of the photo below. You can also see what the laundry room looked like before her original makeover. And, of course, you can see the final result of the REmakeover and can see how the Interior Frugalista accomplished her goal!

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