What, you might ask, are you talking about!  Well, you see the story goes something like this.  We have been in our home for a couple of years now and despite all the work we have done on the house to update it, I’m somehow just not feeling it as my “forever home”.  So we have sort of started checking out other houses in the area (we love our neighborhood!) and we just aren’t seeing too awful much that makes us think, “wow, this is the one!” 

In our home, it is definitely time to replace countertops in the kitchen and two baths.  This is a must-do whether we stay or go.  So, off I went to choose countertops.  Initially I thought that something nice but not too expensive would be the order of the day but then it happened, white quartz…Bianco Gris to be exact.  I fell in love.  Now we have gone on and chosen vessel sinks for both bathrooms and waterfall faucets.  Let it be known to all the world that I have seriously longed for the day that I would have these beautiful faucets in my own home and not just drool over them in magazine pictures and on TV commercials!

Now the indecision starts…what will happen when I get all this great new stuff installed in our home?  Will I be so in love that moving will just become a distant memory?  I have even started thinking of other things I would do here to really make this house amazing.  I think of everything we have done to it already and what other updates and changes I might make.  I think of our big, beautiful backyard (a rarity here in Southern California).  I think of all of our blood, sweat, and tears to distress our wood-beam bedroom ceiling and getting out all the old floor throughout the house and laying the new one.  Now I really start to waiver in my thinking.  Part of me says to go forward with moving and bring another older home into the 21st century.  (I think I’ve always been somewhat of a flipper at heart!)  Part of me says, are you nuts?!  Stay put and keep working on this beauty and make it the house of our dreams!

Where do we end up?  Your guess is as good as mine!  All I know is that my beautiful new countertops, sinks, and faucets are coming in just two short weeks and I think that will tell me a lot about what the right decision for us may be.  Either way, the house wins…..it has had a lot of love and upgrades poured into it in the past two years.  She’s an old girl, built in 1961 and was definitely needing some TLC to bring her back.  Well, we have certainly done that and so I think in the end, I will feel good either way we go!  Stay tuned for part 2 (after the countertops and sinks are installed)  Pictures coming too!

Now, what will you do next to love where you live?